Industrial Solutions

Universal Testing Machine is used to test material properties such as Ultimate Strength, Fracture Point, and Yield point.

With WinUTM software, real-time communication with data acquisition system to capture sensor data can be managed, and graphs can be plotted. Other test details, user details and units can also be managed using this software.

Software Configurations

The software is configurable to include various user preferences, report and test settings, and device combinations. The factory personnel and customers can have complete control over the test processes.

Hardware Interface

The built-in communication protocol is rugged ensure no data loss occurs. Communication checks are inserted at all stages of test workflow.

Role-based Access

Role-based access for performing different tasks are provided. In the factory, the system administrator can perform Factory Settings. Customer, with administrator-level access, can create user profiles and assign specific tests to them. Customers, with user-level access, can define their preferences for the test.

Analysis and Reporting

Advanced search function based on test type and date, specimen material, and shape parameters, is available. Test analysis can be plotted to a graph and tests can be replayed to identify the pattern. Comparison of test results and graphs, as well as statistical reporting with configurable templates is possible.

Live Data display

A controller based data acquisition system is used for communication between the sensors that are connected to the Universal Testing Machine and WinUTM software. Data is plotted live without lag, in the required graphical format and measurement units.

Test Configuration

There are various tests configured, each with their own set of parameters, calculations and graphs. The software application is user-friendly as it has a common interface for all tests, which are managed without any system performance loss.