Industrial Solutions

matLIMS is web based solution meant for material testing laboratories where various tests are conducted as per IS, ASTM, BS and other global standards. It has been designed keeping CRM aspect in mind.

It can be used as a test specimen data management system and is fully configurable for managing data of various types of tests.

User Management

Being a web-based system, it can be accessed from anywhere. Therefore, multi user role-based access capabilities are built into it. Also, Work list view gives immediate access to list of pending tasks, thus making the system versatile and user-friendly.

Analysis and Reporting

Various reports such as test certificates can be generated automatically and printed with minimal human intervention. These reports help in analysing and understanding the testing throughput, customer visit frequency and many other parameters.

matLIMS as CRM

As customer data is maintained along with their test sample data, CRM capabilities are integrated into the system. Customer information can be analysed based on various criteria including region-wise to build good customer relations.

Information Workflow Management

The system maintains the complete workflow of every test sample, along with owner information. Status of any sample can be known at any given time, that is, from sample receipt through testing personnel assignment, report release and archival.

Test Standard and Test Configuration

Material testing can be done as per various standards,and matLIMS can be set up for any standard with the help of Specification and Grade definitions. The testing personnel can use the defined standard for test data management. Test types can also be configured with parameters with their R/Vs (required values) for compliance to the standard.

matLIMS Test Data Management - ASTM (E 1578- 93) compliant

Hundreds of samples are tested every day in a test laboratory, and keeping a track of them, while managing report generation and report delivery is a challenging task.matLIMS system helps manage all test data and reporting.