Enhance Customer experience

This software program is simple to use and has user-friendly bakery workflow. All operations of bakery / factory and shop are mapped in the solution through a simple interface. It is PoS-enabled, and can be easily configured for items and their categorization. The staff can be trained very quickly and they can start operating with minimum clicks. The bakery owner can generate various charts to view sales, profits and trends.

Factory Process Mapping

Various factory processes such as vendor management, raw material management, purchases, production planning and actual production, finished goods stock management and deliveries to various shops are mapped, which help sin visualizing the workflow.

Tally Integration

All accounting information is interfaced with Tally software. This helps eliminate duplication of data entry work, thus reducing chances of human errors, and aids in automatic report generation.

Centralized Data Control and Reporting

Data from all stores can be stored in a common repository or server, thereby making centralized viewing of transactions and management possible.

Franchise Management

The software can be implemented in multi-store and franchise setups as well.


With sales, inventory and transactional information is readily available, accounting can be easily managed.

MIS Reporting

Reports can be generated based on criteria such as trends during festive seasons, based on different localities. With these reports, reduced wastage and timely delivery can be effected for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Alerts and Reminders

Reminders and alerts can be set for meeting deadlines and for courtesy calls to customers on special days.

Customer Complaint Management

Feedback and complaint mechanisms are integrated so that corrective action can be immediately taken to enhance customer experience.

Order and Sales Management

Placing orders for replenishing inventory can be managed better with up-to-date stock information.

Closing and Inventory Management

With ready reference of the inventory, closing of transactions at end of day can be completed quickly.

Delivery Management

Advanced Orders and their deliveries can be tracked till completion.

Point of Sale (PoS)

Counter sales can be handled by staff with basic guidance, and customer transactions can be managed faster during rush hours.

Item Definition and Categorization

All products used and sold by the bakery can be configured based on weight, pieces, and packets, and priced accordingly.