Enhance Customer experience

e-Pest Control is specially designed for pest control company operations. Management of contracts and schedules is very easy, thus helping in enhancing customer relations and experience.

MIS and Reporting

MIS reports can be generated based on multiple criteria which can be used in strategy building and improving business.

Resource Management

As an internal database is maintained, allocating visits to different team members based on the customer locations can be planned in a better manner.

Contract and Delivery Management

Service contracts and renewals can be tracked real-time and reminders for timely visits can be set.

Product Sale

Sale transactions, including counter sales are recorded and stocks can be managed.

Client Data Management

All relevant information about the customer and the services availed are captured and stored for ready reference.

Service Contract Type Configuration

Different types of service contracts can be set up and customized.

Product Configuration

The products used and sold by the Pest Control service provider can be configured and stock and inventory can be maintained.