Industrial Solutions

BrinSoft is a software application used for accurate Brinell impression measurement.

An advanced technology image management system is built into it, to get desired accuracy as per IS compliance and to perform measurements within given time frame.

As personnel are not involved in measurement, errors induced by the human factor are eliminated, thereby making it more accurate and reliable.

Hardware Interface

Quality of the image captured by the CCD camera is critical, and therefore, it is configured to work with special purpose USB camera. However, it can be easily configured to work with any camera based on the image quality requirement.

Analysis and Reporting

The application has key search criteria such as Test Certificate and Customer information, for searching historical data, and then printing. Also, data is available in tabular and graphical formats, for performing statistical analysis,which can help the testing personnel.

Calibration facility

Only well calibrated systems can provide precise measurements. BrinSoft has multiple calibration levels to achieve high accuracy in results - pixel calibration, multi-point calibration and ERMA calibration.

Measurement Modes

There are many measurement modes with which test personnel can obtain results in the required method, and can cover most of the test conditions.

The fast and accurate Auto mode is meant for measuring standard, well-finished components. The Semi-Auto and Compare modes are used to measure rough components and on-the-brink cases.

Precise Brinell Impression Measurement

Very precise measurements can be achieved and repeated. The application is based on image processing techniques and can be easily configured for any environment. Using USB camera, it can be deployed with standard BIMS applications, at difficult measuring conditions.