Care for the caretakers

ENTSoft (ENT Software) is a specialized software meant for Otolaryngologists. The application captures and maintains patient data and history. It is also possible to record surgeries and capture procedure images for future reference.


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All billing transactions for OPD and IPD are captured and can be configured as per requirement of the clinic.

Patient Letters


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Standard letter templates are available and new templates can be customized.

Patients and Presentation CDs

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Presentations can be created by adding patient images and videos, and written to CDs for patient’s reference.

Procedure Reporting

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With customizable procedure report templates, image and text entries at convenient positions can be added in the report given to the patient.

Procedure Video Recording and Image Management

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The video recordings of procedures can be used for later study and images and clips can be extracted for presentation purposes. Multiple video formats are supported with editing features such as markings, annotations, highlighting and measurements.

Patient History Management

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Patient data along with visit and case details can be searched based on multiple criteria by the clinician.

Appointment Registration

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The reception can register new appointments in advance as well as on the spot.

ENT Masters



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Entries for symptoms/complaints, diagnosis, investigation, medicines, etc. with select only and write capabilities are integrated.

In-Patient Data Management

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Detailed patient data with all clinical details such as symptoms, examinations, surgeries, medication and billing can be managed.

Out-Patient Data Management

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Amitriptyline and Tinnitus

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With the specially designed OPD functionality, prescriptions can be printed and data entry can be expedited.