Care for the caretakers

NeoSoft is used by Neonatologists to maintain neonate data, maternity details, various assessments, and follow-ups. The program is used to capture and maintain historical data to detailed level about the neonate as well as the mother, which can be retrieved in a few clicks.



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Reports on statistical analysis, technical parameters, NNPD, administration data, and other parameters can be generated.

Baby Discharge Data Management

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The complete case history of the baby's stay in the hospital with timestamps is made available in the discharge report, along with future treatment suggestions.

Baby Follow-up Details

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A section for follow-up after discharge, with links to case history is available for ready reference.

Activity Planning

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All investigations, diagnosis, treatment, medicines, including discharge can be planned for every baby, with notification feature for due and overdue activities.

Notes Generation

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Notes can be generated after consolidating details of admission, observations, diagnosis, medications and treatment and discharge.

Investigation and Diagnosis Data Management

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Investigation tests and examinations give the present health status. Blood Gas, Blood, Urine, Micro, Chest Imaging, Brain and other imaging via various scans, Eye examinations, etc. are captured as part of these investigations along with data to be entered or uploaded. Respiratory, Cardiac, Neurological, Bilirubin content, etc. data is captured at length as part of diagnosis.

Nutrition and Medication

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Various IV fluids, feeds, GDA, bolus and other medications given to the baby are tracked and responses monitored for these intakes. Standard medicines and their dosages are entered into the system for auto-suggestion mechanism.

Progress Charts

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Baby's growth parameters are captured and plotted on various charts for comparison against standard values for given GA.

Mother Clinical Details and Pregnancy Details

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Complete history of mother's clinical details are captured for analysis.

Neonate / Baby Admission Details

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All the important parameters such as APGAR scores, weight, HC, length, congenital parameters are captured at length to understand baby's birth. ICD10 coding is in-built with automatic GA calculation based on Ballard's chart.