Care for the caretakers

eCSDM is used by the CSSD in hospitals. CSSD is crucial as it carries the responsibility of keeping all instruments, linens, equipment, and disposables disinfected. eCSDM is used to manage instrument data in a simple manner with transactions history, keep track of movement, forecast better and reduce wastage.

Application Extension

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eCSDM can be extended to link with existing HIS, patient data management systems, sterilizer interfacing and any other systems.

Analysis and Reports

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Instrument non-use information can be tracked to reduce wastages due to non-use. Requirement and supply of instruments can be correlated in the system.


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Various roles such as OT personnel, ward manager, CSSD personnel, etc. are presented on the Dashboard interface and many tasks can be performed based on available data.

Sterilizer Data Management

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A special section on tracking cycle and phase details along with instrument sterilizer parameters is included with notification facility on mismatch.

Transaction Management

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All CSSD transactions related to instruments and sets, their daily usage and sterilization requirements can be tracked and managed.

Work flow Management

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Complete CSSD work flow can be configured with bar code scanning facility for quick transactions.

Instrument and Instrument set Management

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Master data of all the instruments, instruments sets with contents, linens, ward items, that are coded for tracking purpose, can be configured.